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July 2013 entries

Road 15 by Sweetwater

It's finally here!!!!
Well partially here. I actually only have the pre-cuts since Road 15 will not be released until August but still. It's just as good as I thought it would be.

Here they are separated in bundle form by color.

and my favorite :

I'll be making some low volume bundles out of that when I get my yardage in.

So anyway's these are in my Etsy now and will probably be on my site tomorrow. Unfortunately I work tomorrow so nothing fun will be done. :(
BUT, I have Thursday off so I'll make up for some sewing time then.

I'll leave off with the cutest print IMO.


Collage and Hashtag Blocks

Collage Bundle
Well apparently when I quit blogging a couple years ago on here the whole blog disappeared since I was no longer paying the monthly fee.  :(

I guess I'll just have to start all over again since I was not pleased with Blogger. I tried it for a couple of months earlier this year and never could get to the point that I was happy with it.

Hashtag Block
Anyways, I'm working on the hashtag block from Camille's crafty class at the moment and really loving it. I have the rest of the blocks done but still need to sew them together and then quilt it.

I'll be back soon with an update. I need to work on the layout of this blog though and fix my about page. :)