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January 2014 entries

Daydream by Kate Spain Coming...Soon

The weather has caused a delay in our Moda shipment to arrive so Daydream will no longer be here tomorrow. :(
I'm disappointed because I was hoping to get the bundles cut this weekend and now it looks like it will have to be on a weeknight which is hard to find time.
I've been making a few more Economy Blocks with some Daydream charm packs and think it may be my favorite Kate Spain fabric yet.

They just work perfectly with all these novelty prints I've been hoarding.

I have a lot more economy blocks to show on here plus a small quilt I have almost completed. It was supposed to be for an Ikea doll bed but Emma hijacked it. :)

Economy Block Along

How was your holidays? Do you have any new projects queued up for 2014?
I have a list started that seems to be growing rapidly.
One project that has taken the front seat is the Economy Block quilt that is circulating around.
I didn't get the big deal at first. I saw everyone making them and was happy going along my merry way with other projects. Emma actually took a nap today and so I decided to try one out...just to see what the hype was about.
I used this tutorial for the 12 inch finished block. Bigger is better right?

I guess it turned out okay. I figure I will use it in a quilt back or a pillow but was not real excited about it.
I decided to give the economy block one more chance with another tutorial for a smaller 5.5 inch finished block size.

I love it!
I used a mermaid scrap from an old Heather Ross fabric, two Kate Spain Daydream charms, and a scrap of Moda Weave (fuchsia).

I always enjoyed looking at and sewing small patchwork things so I should have known a giant block wouldn't entertain me. I suppose if your goal is to bust a quilt out with these blocks the bigger block tutorial is the way to go. I just wanted to do some patchwork though so the small one is more my speed. I ended up doing three more blocks before my sewing time was over (Emma woke up).

The other three blocks were Enchant prints and more Daydream charms...Oh and the little tape measure print is from a couple Sewing Box charms.
That's all I managed to sew the past couple of weeks. I am glad schedules are resuming to normal though and hope to figure out when I can fit "me time" in my week this year. I at least know I can make a few of these on the weekends.
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