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How has winter been treating you? The kids have been out of school so much because of snow days. It's really been a damper on my "me" time I must say. It took me a week to get Daydream cut and listed on Etsy.

While I have been trapped in my house this week I noticed that Craftsy is having a great sale this weekend 3 Craftsy classes for only $45.00 through Groupon. I think it was half off their classes from the Craftsy site as well. I now have a plethora of quilt patterns to choose from when I am able to sew again.

I also created a Pinterest board filled with completely free quilt patterns and tutorials I find on the internet. If you need a new pattern immediately check it out and see if any of them catches your eye (I keep adding to it as I come across more). If you have any quilty/sewing boards let me know so I can follow it! :) I'll be back soon with my Dwell quilt progress. It's using...Daydream...surprise surprise.. ;p

Our website should be up and running very soon and I can't wait!



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Christine Sherman

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the new site!

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