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Globetrotting BOM - San Juan April

I have finally jumped into the Globetrotting Mystery BOM!

I decided to start on the April block, San Juan since that is what everyone else is working on and then do the previous blocks later.

Isn't that little cup & saucer print so cute? I had to use it as the focal point (I purchased it from here if anyone else is interested in it).

As much as I loved making this block and the block in general I messed up on one of the blue squares. Either I cut the square too small or sewed it wrong because it doesn't quite match up.

I'm hoping once I get the rest of the blocks done and the quilt put together I won't notice it anymore. Sure I could rip it apart and fix it but I have too many other projects to do. :)

Yes, I am still in love with Road 15 and will use it in as many projects as I can.

Linking up with Kim & SEWjo Saturday.


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Christine Sherman

Love your block :)

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