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Spring 2014 Quilt Market Recap (long post)


Hey everyone!
Quilt Market was amazing!

Cotton + Steel Booth

First of all I am so happy this was my first quilt market. The main reason is that I got to be there for the Cotton + Steel reveal. The result was worth the hype. The fabric is awesome!
I ordered all 5 collections at the end of April even though I hadn't even seen them. After sample spree I had to email my rep and add on the basics because they were just as wonderful as the fun prints.

Sample Spree was insane. Cotton + Steel was in the front so I had planned to stop by there first. I couldn't believe the madness. I remember being empty handed trying to get a bundle of anything and looking at this lady with about 8 bundles in her shirt and under her chin. The bundles started being passed back which I was happy about since I was almost at the very back. I watched as a little Mustang bundle was slowly progressing toward me. I felt the excitement building inside me and stretched my little arm out and then it happened....the dang men came busting in with their long limbs and reached out right in front of me and nabbed every. single. bundle that came my way.

Luckily my mom had better luck on the other side of the booth with some sweet little lady that shared her loot and we ended up with the neutral basics bundle above, Hatbox, and Homebody.

The rest of Sample Spree was pretty uneventful. I got the fabric from Art Gallery I had wanted and I wasn't expecting much from Moda because I heard that's where the stampede usually goes. It's true they had hardly anything left when I got back there.

Here's some of the fabric I ended up with and is already on my site.



I only planned on going to quilt market that Friday. I figured I'd pop in at 9:30am, poke around the booths, meet my Moda rep, and go. I had no idea.

Market was huge and overwhelming. I definitely will plan on at least 2 days next time. I didn't think about all the eye candy of the quilts, plus socializing with designers, and finding NEW fabric companies. I am excited to have some really cute Japanese fabric coming in for bags and other non quilting projects. :)
I think the highlight of market was talking to Tula Pink and Amy Butler. Amy's fabric got me back into sewing and I'm thrilled to be adding her new line Glow into my shop this summer.

I'm not sure when I'll get to go to another market again. We had a bad experience in the hotel we stayed in and the thought of traveling from the hotel to the market alone freaks me out (I had to do a sob story to get my mom a badge and it was for this time only). The new credentials are a pain for those reasons but from what I've read from other blogs it was a great market because the crowd was smaller and more professional so that's good.

Here are a couple more of my favorite photos. My phone died about halfway through so I missed a lot of good stuff (like the whole Art Gallery section)!

You can see more photos on my Flickr page if you haven't already seen them on Instagram.

I'm hoping tomorrow I can sew something. I've definitely been filled with lots of inspiration.  :)


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Christine Sherman

Wish I could go someday! I don't like crowds, but this would be fun to see...


How cool that you got to go to Quilt Market! I loved seeing all the fun on IG and Flickr. I've heard the Sample Spree is crazy but I didn't realize people get greedy. Glad to hear you were able to get something out of that. Thanks for the previews!

Christine Sherman

I hadn't seen the August line until I just looked at your site again. That looks great!!


Pretty, Pretty, Pretty! Thanks for sharing the fun (and not so fun)

Lucy @ Charm About You

I hate crowds so all that grabbing sounds like a total nightmare! The chance to see all that gorgeous fabric might twist my arm though ;) The quilts in that last picture are so beautiful and inspiring!

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