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November 2014 entries

Shortcake Quilt & Jelly Roll SALE!

There is a shortcake quilt a long happening right now on Instagram and it's hard not to join in on the fun.

If you don't have Instagram you can see everyone's quilt progress here.


A warning I haven't used my good camera in a while so went a  little overboard on photos. I really missed my good camera!




I chose Folk Art Holiday by Gina Martin for numerous reasons.

1. I've had these since May and no ones touched them

2. I haven't seen any projects from Folk Art Holiday online and it needed some love.

3. It's almost Christmas!

4. I love it. Scandinavian prints get me every time.





It's a quick easy quilt and the throw size just needs one jelly roll and a background fabric.
I'll be honest I haven't finished it yet but it's CLOSE!

I finished the A blocks but am still working on the B ones.


This is the B block assembly. I should have organized them so I could chain piece but instead I stacked them all up in order and now it's too late.




Look at those cute little pigeon/chicken things! They are adorable!



We will be carrying the pattern soon but you can get the PDF version of the Shortcake Quilt from Allison's site here.

If you have, or plan to get the  pattern and need a jelly roll we are having a jelly roll special!

$26.50 per in stock roll!  :)

CLICK HERE to view what is left in stock.

I'll share a picture when mines finished. I sort of have 6 different quilts going on right now. My WIP's have started to get out of control......

How many projects are you working on now?