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Goodbye 2014! (I won't miss you.....)


2014 wasn't a horrible year for me. It was more weird than anything. I think perhaps a turning point in my life. I'm hoping to dig more into that this coming year but first, lets recap!
I will call 2014 the year of WIPs




Started making economy blocks. I've actually made these throughout the year when I need just a little something to sew. It's great for scraps and they always turn out cute. Maybe next year I'll have enough for a quilt.

Tutorial here






Built a cutting table! I love, love, love it! All with just supplies from Lowes.

Also Emma turned ONE!!





My first quilt finish of 2014!
I was going to link to the post about this quilt and then found out I never blogged about it. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. Basically it's a Dwell Mini with a LOT of sashing. :)

Also my mom got the boys some spray snow and they ruined our house with their smiley face graffiti on EVERYthing.





Received some of Carrie's new Paint line early to help her with samples for Quilt Market.

The paint chip print was my favorite. You can see the blog post here.



Went to spring quilt market. I hope I can make it to another one someday, it was amazing.




Got some Indelible from Samantha. It is one of my favorite collections of the year.
I hope it is one of the winners on the Sew Mama Sew fabric poll.

I started sewing it with no real pattern so it's basically some random flying geese at the moment.


10570023_435304606607404_105731324_nI started my Native Sun quilt. I will love this quilt when it's done but there are so many flying geese I just haven't felt like dealing with it yet.



Testing out Karin's Fruit Ninja pattern in a stroller quilt for Emma.

Original blog post here
Karin's post with free pattern here


Petal Pushers Jelly Roll Jam 2 quilt.
I do plan on quilting a binding this over the weekend. So this won't be a WIP for too much longer.
Jelly Roll Jam 2 pattern/video here



Shortcake Quilt...not much else to show or say..I haven't got very far on this.

Pattern from here



I received some beautiful fabric from Kylie. If you haven't acquired any Wild and Free snag you some NOW! It's one of my favorites and I hope to make something with it in 2015.


made some bags and clutches out of Cotton and Steel.

and sewed a little doll quilt for Emma's baby.
November was apparently my busiest month this year.



Finished the top on my Miss Kate Apple quilt

My Table for Two quilt arrived back from the quilters and I got the binding on just in time for Christmas for my moms gift.

Original post here and yes it did take a year to get it back from the quilter.


So how was 2014 for you? Will you be finishing up a handful of projects in 2015 as well?





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Karin @ Leigh Laurel

2014 was indeed an odd year. I had mixed feelings last night watching it turn into 2015. You made some great stuff! Thanks again for helping me with Fruit Ninja. Here's hoping for wonderful things to come this year!

*Staci *

Thanks for letting me try it out Karin! I can't wait to see what you come up with in the new year. :)

Christine Sherman

2014 was a bad year. Period. LOL. Just way too many negatives. I'm glad it's gone too! This year hasn't started so good either. Through all my health troubles, I've now been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. So...this year may not be so enjoyable either, but I'm hoping for the best :) Love seeing all your projects!

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