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Patchwork City - Forest Park

Most of the Patchwork City Quilt-a-Long action has been happening on Instagram. I didn't realize there was a need to post it here until some people were lost and sent messages asking questions.  I decided I'll be posting each block we've done here over the next few weeks.
This is a great time to catch up if you got behind (or haven't started)!

The first block is Forest Park and involves paper piecing. I didn't know how to paper piece before I started on this book so I did the whole adding seam allowance to the templates etc.

Here was the before trimming shot ( a lot of wasted fabric).

Here was how it looked after trimming. It's a little skimpy on one of the sides but still okay looking.

I decided then to learn how to paper piece and it's really not hard. It just takes concentration and patience.

I used this tutorial to get started:

If you want to fussy cut I cut an extra template out and traced around the spot I needed



It's still got some "special" areas but for a first paper piecing attempt I am not complaining.


Visit Kylie's blog here I think she's already started documenting her blocks and is ahead of me. I'll post the next one sometime this weekend.

Some other projects coming up-
Since we've slowed down on our fabric shops that has left us with more time for sewing!

*We are about to sew a Jen Kingwell pattern from the Spring 2015 issue of Quiltmania!
*I've started another Instagram quilt a long from Chuck Nohara 2001 Patchwork Patterns book (I'll post about that soon)
*Bee blocks have started rolling in. I was the queen bee last month so will post about the lovely blocks I've received so far.

Thanks for reading! :)




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Christine Sherman

You learned paper piecing way faster than me. I feel like an idiot trying to figure it out. Maybe because I don't have a lot of patience lol. And I feel like I'm wasting fabric...I will give it a shot again, great things can be made :)

*Staci *

There is a lot of waste with paper piecing..at least with me. It's really put me off the Patchwork City book but I'm trying to push myself through.

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