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Pattern Jam

I am addicted to Pattern Jam!


I wanted to share with anyone that interested in designing their own quilt because I would have loved this when I first started quilting. It's amazing what you can do with just half square triangles by playing with the layout and fabric!

My scrappy bear paw is one of my next projects.
I uploaded the digital images of the fabric I plan to use and it generates a PDF file that you can download with how much fabric you need of each print. :)

Here's a few of my other designs.

First idea for Wonderland:

This one is for the upcoming line Radiant Girl.
I am still working on the flying geese directions (you can go and edit a design at any time).

and my Chatsworth design contest entry:

Seriously fun! I've probably designed a quilt every other night in just an hour or so time before bed.

Go sign up and check it out! If you design and save a quilt you can get a free month of the premium membership. I am not sure if there is a time limit for that promo so I'd do it soon.


I think this will help me get through my fabric stash! As much as I love sewing patterns I think it's more fun creating my own from scratch and watching it come to life. :)


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Emily Taylor

Thank you for sharing Patternjam! I appreciate such a great post!

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