Wonderland Fabric and a Quilt With No Name.....yet
Pattern Jam


Katarina Roccella's Wonderland fabric is beautiful!
I was saying on Instagram that it was going to be hard to top this line.
Let's go on a visual journey through Wonderland and check out the colors and METALLIC!



I honestly can't pick a favorite print although I loved those feathers from her Spoonflower days so that will always be a classic. :)

I am designing the quilt for my stop on the Wonderland blog tour this weekend. I didn't request enough of some of the prints on my old design so had to go back to the drawing board.
Pattern Jam is so fun though I didn't mind designing another one.

If you haven't tried out Pattern Jam yet GO NOW!
It's free (or paid for more features) and fun.

I'll have the tutorial/pattern I used for my Wonderland quilt available here on October 11th!



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Thank you so much for your kindest words, great pics and can't wait to see the quilt😊🎉😘

Christine Sherman

Can't wait to see!!

*Staci *

Thanks Nina & Christine!
I'm working on it this weekend. This fabric is so pretty!!!

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