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January 2016 entries

365 Block Challenge

So here is the block a day project I've joined in on.


Click the icon below and go sign up for a daily block sent to your email address. :)

It's in Australia so I'm on day 5 now.
Here are my blocks so far. I'm using all my scraps. This quilt will most likely be crazy but it will be great to use up all my leftover and favorite prints.

Day 1







I'll probably be posting my weekly blocks during the weekend since my holiday vacation is over and it's back to work tomorrow. :(
Saturdays are going to be my block catch up days.

I read on the Facebook group that we will start doing the center of the quilt in April I believe and we can start putting together the blocks up until then. I am so relieved because the thought of piecing 365 blocks at once in Jan 2017 makes me sick to my stomach.  :p

Here is the center which I'll be printing out and playing with color. Not that it matters since it's going to be a scrap quilt. Maybe a low volume center would help?


Here is what the finished quilt will look like

I'm really loving the blocks so far and they are so cute and tiny right now  as we are working on that dark inner border around the center.

So join. You can not get behind these blocks go together so fast.


If you are doing this already and have a blog please let me know. There is a little on Instagram but I know there must be more of you out there if we broke the website on the first day!
I want to see blocks!



Happy New Year!!!


December was BUSY. I am not going to sugar coat anything 2015 was a rough year in general. Nothing life threatening just a stressful and worrisome few months.
I'm having hopeful feelings for 2016 and have put in a lot of thought of what I want to do this year with my creative endeavors.
I wrote down a whole bunch of pattern ideas and really want to use this space for more tutorials and such.


There are multiple quilt a longs going on right now which I'm hoping to join in on.

  • Pat's Secret Garden BOM
  • Brenna's Fancy Forest QAL +Quilt a Long+ (starting soon and I'll share a link)
  • 365 challenge
    I'm LOVING the 365 one so far. The site was down from all the users on Jan 1st. I'll be posting my blocks so far tomorrow here.

Does anyone else know of any sewing or quilting happenings that started this year? Let me know please I love to join!