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Lil' Red - a softie story-

I cannot make a plush toy for anything. I've bought multiple doll and softie books and they all turn out horrible.

Moda has brought on a wonderful artist Stacy Iest Hsu who has created a fun new line "Lil' Red".

Not only are the fabric designs perfect for quilts, clothes, and other projects, but there is also a panel!
A doll panel which is perfect for people such as myself.


This piece of fabric provided great entertainment for my daughter as we cut the pieces out and sewed them, then she enjoyed cramming the cotton stuffing inside.

We took her doll outside with the sweetest little doll quilt for photos in the snow.

IMG_2035She has a pillow and stuffed wolf too but they didn't make it outside.

If you have made one of these and love it check out Stacy's Spoonflower page for more cut and sew doll panels. I just found it while searching for her site to link.

I also have a few layer cakes left in my Etsy shop if you're thinking of making a quilt.

++I may or may not be making one for me. :)+

This Thimbleblossom quilt pattern is pretty cute in Lil' Red.

Be on the lookout for Coral too by Stacy a new line (and doll panel) coming out in a few months!



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Joellen Kemper

I love this! So cute. I saw this fabric in your shop and had heart eyes. Thanks for sharing her new line with me- I think I am definitely going to have to get it!!
Also, I am taking a break from IG (my name is jokemper on there) so I hope you blog everything so I don't miss anything lol

Joellen Kemper

Hi...it is me again! Lol I just went to that Spoonflower page and ordered one...I'm pretty stoked :)

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