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Hello Everyone!
If you've followed me for awhile on social media, you know I like to do my own pattern for quilts most of the time. I don't do well with directions and avoid math if I can.
I thought I'd try doing something different though for my next one. I am going to blog as I design the quilt and make a somewhat tutorial/pattern. That way if anyone else wants to make it they can or if I want to make it again I'll know what I did! :)

Here is what the final quilt will look like:

I had plans of doing it in Flower Sugar Holiday by Lecien but it's not out until may so the colors of the pattern images are not going to be the same as my actual blocks.

Today will start with the center block. The little house with the star. It's a lot of tiny pieces but only has to be done once.


It's sort of a courthouse step block meshed with a log cabin.

Here is the PDF file
Download LCS1CourthouseStepHouse

You'll have these pages below:
Paper Piecing Pattern (printed on 2 pages so may be a pain)
Templates (what I used)
Rotary Cutting Instructions (These came with it but I'm not sure about the accuracy)
Extra (If you're going to paper piece this one may be easier since it's all in one page)

This is the first time I've used EQ7. I was trying it out at a friends to see if I liked it. I included all the ways EQ7 offered to create this block. I used the templates mostly so am unsure how the rotary cutting and paper pieced instructions are. Please let me know if you use one of those methods.
I'd love any feedback good/bad truly. :)

So here are what the templates look like. There will be a guide on the template page you can cut out and use while you piece.

I did not use the templates for those 2 triangle pieces (roof and star). I made HST the usual way I do.

For this block I'm using Lighthearted and Pam Kitty Fog City


If you want to fussy cut I do this with my templates to get the perfect piece in the center

I am really pretty happy how it came out! Although I did mess up my HST's for the star. They were supposed to have white points and I flipped them and had the background fabric for the points but oh well.
If you're new to sewing or have lots of distractions like me the best thing about a log cabin or courthouse step block is that if your block is measuring too small when you get to the outer pieces just cut them a little wider and trim if need be.

Part 2 of this quilt will be soon. I'm not sure when but it should be before the end of Feb.

Thanks for checking it out and please download this block and make it and let me know if you have questions/problems/complaints anything (really!) with it.
I don't paper piece so would love to know how those instructions go.
I'm debating on getting this software and really need to know the accuracy of all types of piecing.



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Joellen Kemper

This is super cute! Love your fussy cuts!

Christine Sherman

I love this so much! I've yet to conquer paper piecing probably because I don't have enough patience. I've had eq 7 for a long time but haven't really figured that out either!

Lee Ann L.

That is the cutest block! Thank you for the downloadable PDF instructions. I am a huge fan of log cabins and I think I would enjoy making this one due to the variety of blocks (e.g. 4 patch and house blocks).

*Staci *

Thanks everyone! I hope some people make it and let me know how it is. I will hopefully get to the next part in May. :)

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