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March 2016 entries


As most Instagrammers have seen there are changes being implemented that will ruin the "insta" part of your feed.
A lot of quilters/sewists have been flocking to Ello.

I played with it yesterday and actually enjoy it more than Instagram. It won't replace Instagram (at least not now) for me but the features are more to my tastes.
You can post photos from your desktop. That is a big plus for me. It's such a huge ordeal for me to transfer camera photos to my phone then to Instagram. Now I can post after I edit on my computer. This is perfect for people that don't have smart phones too that have been missing all the Instagram action the past few years.


It's like Twitter, Instagram, and a blog all mixed together.

The only drawback is that there isn't an android app yet so I don't get notifications until I go on the website, either on my phone or computer.
It's in beta now though so hopefully they are going to work on all the little issues and get an app for us non-Apple people.
Here I am if you are on Ello lets be friends!


Snoopy Pixel Quilt

So I saw a Snoopy quilt somewhere on Instagram last year, it was at one of those retreats and there was a photo of one up on their design wall. I have a Snoopy obsessed family member so figured I would make them one just for something different to do.

I already have the pattern created so will try and do a row a weekend (there are 24) and post each row here.

Join me? I'll be using #pixelsnoopy on IG if you are on there. :)

Here are the estimated fabric requirements. I'm doing my background squares in various 5inch low volume prints I have in my stash, Snoopy in all white, and the 3 collar squares in a solid red.

Of course you can just do long strips. I like the pixel look and scrappy-ness though.

Download SnoopyQuilt