Log Cabin Quilt Series Part 1

Snoopy Pixel Quilt

So I saw a Snoopy quilt somewhere on Instagram last year, it was at one of those retreats and there was a photo of one up on their design wall. I have a Snoopy obsessed family member so figured I would make them one just for something different to do.

I already have the pattern created so will try and do a row a weekend (there are 24) and post each row here.

Join me? I'll be using #pixelsnoopy on IG if you are on there. :)

Here are the estimated fabric requirements. I'm doing my background squares in various 5inch low volume prints I have in my stash, Snoopy in all white, and the 3 collar squares in a solid red.

Of course you can just do long strips. I like the pixel look and scrappy-ness though.

Download SnoopyQuilt



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Joellen Kemper

Cute idea! I love the idea of you using low volume prints for the background instead of just plain white :)

*Staci *

I don't know what's happened to me but I just cringe at the thought of using plain white now. My favorite go to is Katarina's x print on white from her Wonderland collection. That's about as close as I can get to white these days. :) :)

Christine Sherman

This is so awesome! I'm also tired of white but I keep using it ugh!

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