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May 2016 entries

Tassel Love

I went to Joanns a few weeks ago to get some bag supplies and saw the cutest tassels for sale.

They were in packs of 3 or 4 and had a color theme for around $3.00 a pack. I thought they were cute but not worth a buck a tassel so went looking online. I found a great Etsy seller and purchased over 100 tassels for around $19.00.

Aren't they cute!?

I just thought I'd share in case others want to buy in bulk
The seller is


I've already been making some fun little pouches with them. I'll post them soon! I really think a little charm or zipper pull can boost a zip pouch up a notch. :)


Happy May!


I can't believe it's May already!

April was a rough month so I'm hoping this one will be better. I am doing some redesigning on the blog and have added a tutorials page with some quilt designs I'll be working on this year.
Emma has been absolutely exhausting since she turned 3 so I only put up the ones I actually think I am going to get through this year.

The first one is going to be a simple little quilt for her with the wonderful Camelot Fabrics Disney Princess line.

Disneyprincess 24734069043_de3254c23d_o

It's going to be super cute. I have to finish up a Mother's Day gift first before I can start sewing this one up though.

Anyone have any quick gifts for moms I can whip up in a week? :)