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My Liberty of London fabric collection is growing!
I thought I'd do a post of a few places I love getting Liberty from since I get a lot of questions about that when I post photos.


The first place is Duckadilly.


She has a wonderful selection and the latest and greatest prints. Plus Liberty strips!


I also buy my Liberty from Etsy.
You can find Japanese shops that sell Hello Kitty Liberty prints here. I wish these were more available in US shops.

These are the only Hello Kitty Liberty prints I own right now they are sooo cute!

There are also a few shops that do Liberty clubs. I was in Westwood Acres Liberty Club last year and I loved getting the little bits of Liberty every month. Just make sure you always have your monthly fee in your account as they aren't very consistent as to what date to charge your card each month.

If you have a favorite Liberty shop please leave me a comment or send me an email. I'm always looking for some of the special novelty prints since I have plenty of floral ones.

My Liberty Heart Zip Pouch Pattern modified from here

It's really nice fabric to work with just make sure and have a new sharp needle as it's very thin material. :)
Hopefully I'll be ready to tackle a Liberty quilt soon.



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