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Fall Colors in Kaffe Fasset

For some reason these seem more fall colors to me even though they consist of teals, pinks, blues, etc.
I guess because Kaffe has such saturated colors? I used to not be a fan but I am somewhat converted after I saw this palette. :)
I know no one uses Flickr anymore but here is a lot of great photos of quilts in Kaffe fabrics.

Speaking of Flickr I really miss it and wish everyone would go back to it. Instagram is okay and all but it's just not the same. I feel like there isn't really a community there. Not that I haven't met some great people that I have stumbled upon on IG I just miss the groups on Flickr and the forums. Especially since IG changed the algorithm and I no longer see people's posts in time anymore. :(

Anyways, I've made a few quilt tops the past couple of months and will share them later next week. Some of them I've posted about on Instagram but some I haven't just because I've not been on there as much.

This Kaffe fabric is going to be a log cabin quilt I'm thinking. I can't wait to start it!!!