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Fall Colors in Kaffe Fasset

For some reason these seem more fall colors to me even though they consist of teals, pinks, blues, etc.
I guess because Kaffe has such saturated colors? I used to not be a fan but I am somewhat converted after I saw this palette. :)
I know no one uses Flickr anymore but here is a lot of great photos of quilts in Kaffe fabrics.

Speaking of Flickr I really miss it and wish everyone would go back to it. Instagram is okay and all but it's just not the same. I feel like there isn't really a community there. Not that I haven't met some great people that I have stumbled upon on IG I just miss the groups on Flickr and the forums. Especially since IG changed the algorithm and I no longer see people's posts in time anymore. :(

Anyways, I've made a few quilt tops the past couple of months and will share them later next week. Some of them I've posted about on Instagram but some I haven't just because I've not been on there as much.

This Kaffe fabric is going to be a log cabin quilt I'm thinking. I can't wait to start it!!!




I got some cute fabric from Fat Quarter Shop yesterday!!

Menagerie is amazing in real life. Above is a canvas print I'll be making a bag from and I also got a 10inch square pack and 2.5inch strips. The precuts are hard to find in Cotton & Steel I've come to find out but luckily can always count on FQS to carry them. :)

Here is the bright colorful side with the fun prints.

and here are the blenders with Metallic!

I'm working really hard on de-stashing and clearing out fabric from when I had a quilt shop and hopefully once the clutter is gone I'll be able to have some sew-jo again.
I'm already looking for a good pattern for these though!


Liberty Love


My Liberty of London fabric collection is growing!
I thought I'd do a post of a few places I love getting Liberty from since I get a lot of questions about that when I post photos.


The first place is Duckadilly.


She has a wonderful selection and the latest and greatest prints. Plus Liberty strips!


I also buy my Liberty from Etsy.
You can find Japanese shops that sell Hello Kitty Liberty prints here. I wish these were more available in US shops.

These are the only Hello Kitty Liberty prints I own right now they are sooo cute!

There are also a few shops that do Liberty clubs. I was in Westwood Acres Liberty Club last year and I loved getting the little bits of Liberty every month. Just make sure you always have your monthly fee in your account as they aren't very consistent as to what date to charge your card each month.

If you have a favorite Liberty shop please leave me a comment or send me an email. I'm always looking for some of the special novelty prints since I have plenty of floral ones.

My Liberty Heart Zip Pouch Pattern modified from here

It's really nice fabric to work with just make sure and have a new sharp needle as it's very thin material. :)
Hopefully I'll be ready to tackle a Liberty quilt soon.



Katarina Roccella's Wonderland fabric is beautiful!
I was saying on Instagram that it was going to be hard to top this line.
Let's go on a visual journey through Wonderland and check out the colors and METALLIC!



I honestly can't pick a favorite print although I loved those feathers from her Spoonflower days so that will always be a classic. :)

I am designing the quilt for my stop on the Wonderland blog tour this weekend. I didn't request enough of some of the prints on my old design so had to go back to the drawing board.
Pattern Jam is so fun though I didn't mind designing another one.

If you haven't tried out Pattern Jam yet GO NOW!
It's free (or paid for more features) and fun.

I'll have the tutorial/pattern I used for my Wonderland quilt available here on October 11th!


The Lovely Hunt


Lizzy House does it again.
Just when I think Natural History can't be topped The Lovely Hunt images are released and I think it's an equally awesome line...maybe a little more but I'm partial to unicorns.

Here's a few of the prints below from the dist. site.

If you're like me and will forget in a few months about it you can reserve your bundle from Brenna now. :)
I can't wait til this bundle arrives on my doorstep!