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Moda be my Neighbor Block 5/16



Hi friends

I am so sorry I am behind on posting block 5. Some weeks I feel like I'm barely hanging on I hate to admit.

Anyway, here is block 5:

Download My_bmn-block05

I'll post block 6 on time since I'm off from work. I am getting behind in these blocks and hope I can catch back up but my Chestnut Street log cabin has CONSUMED my time. I cannot wait to share with you the progress if we are not Instagram friends. It's turning out BEAUTIFULLY!!


Moda be my Neighbor Block 3/16


Sorry this is a little later in the day. To be honest I didn't really like this block. :(

I dislike applique and didn't even bother with the bird. The applique bird is on a few of the future blocks too so I hope my quilt won't look lame without it.

I don't have an individual picture of mine I forgot to take one before I attached it to the row.

Next week will be the 4th block and our top row will be done!

Download block 3 below:
Download My_bmn-block03