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Moda Sampler Block Shuffle 16-18


Block 16

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block16

Block 17
(WARNING APPLIQUE) hahaha I may be skipping this one....

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block17

Block 18

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block18


Here was my block 15 from the last post. I need to get my good camera and take a photo of them all together. Instagram picture quality just isn't great for the blog.
There is a break in blocks over Christmas so I'm going to hopefully get caught up during that time. We'll see though! :)


MOda Sampler Block Shuffle 13-15


Eeek! I got a week behind with the Thanksgiving holiday break. Here are blocks 13-15

I'll do another post with the this weeks next to keep them together. Tomorrow come back because I have a cute little house block made with jelly roll strips to share!

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block13

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block14

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block15

MOda Sampler Block Shuffle 10-12


Here are blocks 10, 11, 12!

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block10

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block11

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block12

I'm so happy Thanksgiving is here. I have a long vacation and plan on getting caught up on the Shuffle blocks.

Here's #4 from my Instagram


I have a fun little house block I'll be posting hopefully tomorrow. I have to get my camera out for the tutorial. :)

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Moda Sampler Block Shuffle Block 7-9


Hey Everyone!

I'm slowly catching up on these blocks. I need to take some photos soon of them and my new quilt project I'm working on for here (if you aren't following me on Instagram).

Here are the next blocks for this week.

Block 7

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block07

Block 8

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block08

Block 9

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block09


I'll put all the blocks up together at the end along with the PDF's for the setting etc.