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Wonderland Fabric and a Quilt With No Name.....yet

Hey friends!

Sorry I've been behind on my QAL postings but a quilt idea has been taking up every free moment I have.
I only have the rows left to sew and hopefully will finish this top today!!!

I can't wait to share this quilt and hope it turns out as awesome as I am imagining it.

In the meantime, in celebration of the 4th of July we're offering free U.S. shipping in our Etsy shop.

I'm thinking of putting some pre-orders up for Katarina Roccella's Wonderland collection for Art Gallery.

Pre-orders make me nervous because if something is back-ordered I don't want people mad at me that they have to wait on their fabric. =/

What do you think?

Photo 5-15-15, 16 49 15Photo used with permission via Katarina's blog

Farm Girl Fridays Week 4

ImageYes, I've succumbed to another quilt a long..you know because I barely can keep up with the 2 I'm already in...
You may ask yourself if you follow me here what happened to the first 3 weeks?
Well, I'm starting on week 4, and I'm lucky I even got to start since the fabric line I wanted to use isn't out until August.
Oh so wonderful April was kind enough to send me some Meadowbloom to get me through some blocks though so here I am!
11241729_691290724310906_1800745295_nIsn't it beautiful????
I have some jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles on order which I'll put in the shop in August when they arrive.


The blocks this week were
Churn Dash


Cool Threads


I do plan to go back and do the past blocks sometime it's just easier to stay motivated when I'm on the same blocks as everyone else. :)

I highly recommend the Farm Girl Vintage book these blocks are fun!

You can keep up with the quilt a long on Lori's blog. She's been posting fun variations and ideas for the blocks each week.

If you're in this quilt a long please let me know! I'd love to see your blocks. :)


Apple Core Quilt

My quilt top arrived from Crinkle Love and I'm so pleased with the results.
The quilt pattern I used was from Sweet Jane Quilts from THIS book. I am guessing it's also in this one as well as the first was a collective.

For the quilting I picked apples to compliment the apple cores it took me forever to commit but I couldn't be happier with my choice.

I'm still deciding on what to bind it with (maybe scrappy?) but have until Mother's Day to get it done so I'm not really rushing.
 I'm still trying to finish Gardenvale.


Flea Market Dash Quilt

So I've embarked on a new project..what else is new right? I couldn't help myself when some sample precuts of Jen Kingwell's Gardenvale arrived from Moda though.
Here's some jelly roll shots because even though it's hard for me to bust open jelly rolls I get really excited during the process and have to take photos along the way.


I've only got a few of the blocks done so far but am mostly using Gardenvale with a few low volume pieces added to it for fun.

The pattern is from Jen's book Quilt Lovely (which I highly recommend).

I got behind on Patchwork City and haven't posted any blocks on here yet since everyone's mostly been on Instagram. I'm going to line up a few posts soon though because I'm loving the way they are turning out!

You can find me on Instagram here and follow the QAL here.
Also we still have a few sample precuts of Gardenvale available. We will be getting more in when the line is released in a couple of months if your precut of choice is sold out.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)


Patchwork City Quilt-A-Long

Our quilt a long will start next weekend!


I've been gathering fabric and trying to get block pieces cut a week early so I can stay ahead. We figured two blocks each week for the first half of the book. The second half will just be one a week (those blocks are larger and more time consuming it appears). If we stay on track we should be done with ALL 75 blocks in the Patchwork City book by the first week of December. That will give us the rest of December to put the blocks together and finish our quilt by the end of the year!

Here are a few of the quilt patterns in the book. If you get behind and run out of steam don't worry!  Some patterns use only a minimal amount of the blocks. Make a quilt with what you have. :)




We will be doing Metro Area (the cover quilt) which uses all 75 blocks.


Some people are using a certain fabric collection for this and to be honest I sort of wish I went in that direction. It would have made fabric selection a lot easier.

I'm going the scrappy route though because I have a certain color scheme in mind that I want this quilt in.

I'll be using the blue/gray colors from Alison Glass's Sunprints collection, Cotton and Steel fabrics, Moda Grunge, Moda Weave, and anything else I can get my hands on that include blue, black, deep purple, fuchsia, etc.

Please join us!
On Instagram we are @faithlovefabric and @avintagefairytale
We'll be using the #patchworkcityqal and going to give out fabric throughout the quilt a long.

I think most people are on Instagram but if you aren't and want to join let me know. I can probably figure out a linky thing to put on here each week where you can submit your block photos and be entered to win the giveaways or if you just want to link a blog post. I also created a group on Flickr if you don't have Instagram OR a blog and want to join in. I've made it as easy as I can. :)

Book can be ordered from here or any bookstore if you haven't purchased from Kylie or have it already.

I'll be back next Sunday with the first 2 blocks!