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No Drama Llama

I've been making some zip pouches lately with the holiday only a few months away and some other events.
This one was too cute I love that little sparkly llama.
I lined it with some pink damask fabric that I can't remember what line it's from and added a cute little tassel.

I backed it with this pretty floral another print I can't remember what line it's from.
(Hey I'm using my stash at least)

I'm going to be making a bunch of these and debating making some pieces of fabric with just the little iron on already adhered to sell on Etsy. People can make their own pouches, bags, pillows, or whatever with them. :)

I've been obsessed with heat transfer vinyl so be prepared for a lot of posts featuring that coming up.

Rifle Paper Co. Les Fleurs ~a Cotton & Steel Dream~


Hi Everyone!

I've been scarce around here this summer, it's always just too crazy for posting and sewing.

I will be back once the summer is over and the kids return back to school at the end of August (so far awayyyyyy).

I got some wonderful new fabric this past week that I cannot wait to start working with as soon as this month is over.

My main favorite fabric line now available is Les Fleurs!


I plan on making a quilt with it but also have been stitching up some adorable little pouches.


I'm picking my favorite print and pairing it with some Essex Metallic Linen

The little tassels I purchased off Etsy really complete the cute factor.

I'm planning on making a pile of these and trying them out in my Etsy shop. I'm nervous though. Has anyone here opened up a handmade shop? I'm afraid no one will buy...or they will buy and hate it. I don't know maybe I"m not ready for this step yet.  If anyone has any tips on a handmade business please let me know in the comments or send me an email. :)

I can't wait to take this little pouch out in the world and show off the beautiful fabric Rifle Paper Co. has created.


Tassel Love

I went to Joanns a few weeks ago to get some bag supplies and saw the cutest tassels for sale.

They were in packs of 3 or 4 and had a color theme for around $3.00 a pack. I thought they were cute but not worth a buck a tassel so went looking online. I found a great Etsy seller and purchased over 100 tassels for around $19.00.

Aren't they cute!?

I just thought I'd share in case others want to buy in bulk
The seller is

I've already been making some fun little pouches with them. I'll post them soon! I really think a little charm or zipper pull can boost a zip pouch up a notch. :)


Lil' Red - a softie story-

I cannot make a plush toy for anything. I've bought multiple doll and softie books and they all turn out horrible.

Moda has brought on a wonderful artist Stacy Iest Hsu who has created a fun new line "Lil' Red".

Not only are the fabric designs perfect for quilts, clothes, and other projects, but there is also a panel!
A doll panel which is perfect for people such as myself.


This piece of fabric provided great entertainment for my daughter as we cut the pieces out and sewed them, then she enjoyed cramming the cotton stuffing inside.

We took her doll outside with the sweetest little doll quilt for photos in the snow.

IMG_2035She has a pillow and stuffed wolf too but they didn't make it outside.

If you have made one of these and love it check out Stacy's Spoonflower page for more cut and sew doll panels. I just found it while searching for her site to link.

I also have a few layer cakes left in my Etsy shop if you're thinking of making a quilt.

++I may or may not be making one for me. :)+

This Thimbleblossom quilt pattern is pretty cute in Lil' Red.

Be on the lookout for Coral too by Stacy a new line (and doll panel) coming out in a few months!


Moda Sampler Block Shuffle Block 7-9


Hey Everyone!

I'm slowly catching up on these blocks. I need to take some photos soon of them and my new quilt project I'm working on for here (if you aren't following me on Instagram).

Here are the next blocks for this week.

Block 7

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block07

Block 8

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block08

Block 9

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block09


I'll put all the blocks up together at the end along with the PDF's for the setting etc.