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Goodbye 2014! (I won't miss you.....)


2014 wasn't a horrible year for me. It was more weird than anything. I think perhaps a turning point in my life. I'm hoping to dig more into that this coming year but first, lets recap!
I will call 2014 the year of WIPs




Started making economy blocks. I've actually made these throughout the year when I need just a little something to sew. It's great for scraps and they always turn out cute. Maybe next year I'll have enough for a quilt.

Tutorial here






Built a cutting table! I love, love, love it! All with just supplies from Lowes.

Also Emma turned ONE!!





My first quilt finish of 2014!
I was going to link to the post about this quilt and then found out I never blogged about it. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. Basically it's a Dwell Mini with a LOT of sashing. :)

Also my mom got the boys some spray snow and they ruined our house with their smiley face graffiti on EVERYthing.





Received some of Carrie's new Paint line early to help her with samples for Quilt Market.

The paint chip print was my favorite. You can see the blog post here.



Went to spring quilt market. I hope I can make it to another one someday, it was amazing.




Got some Indelible from Samantha. It is one of my favorite collections of the year.
I hope it is one of the winners on the Sew Mama Sew fabric poll.

I started sewing it with no real pattern so it's basically some random flying geese at the moment.


10570023_435304606607404_105731324_nI started my Native Sun quilt. I will love this quilt when it's done but there are so many flying geese I just haven't felt like dealing with it yet.



Testing out Karin's Fruit Ninja pattern in a stroller quilt for Emma.

Original blog post here
Karin's post with free pattern here


Petal Pushers Jelly Roll Jam 2 quilt.
I do plan on quilting a binding this over the weekend. So this won't be a WIP for too much longer.
Jelly Roll Jam 2 pattern/video here



Shortcake Quilt...not much else to show or say..I haven't got very far on this.

Pattern from here



I received some beautiful fabric from Kylie. If you haven't acquired any Wild and Free snag you some NOW! It's one of my favorites and I hope to make something with it in 2015.


made some bags and clutches out of Cotton and Steel.

and sewed a little doll quilt for Emma's baby.
November was apparently my busiest month this year.



Finished the top on my Miss Kate Apple quilt

My Table for Two quilt arrived back from the quilters and I got the binding on just in time for Christmas for my moms gift.

Original post here and yes it did take a year to get it back from the quilter.


So how was 2014 for you? Will you be finishing up a handful of projects in 2015 as well?




Shortcake Quilt & Jelly Roll SALE!

There is a shortcake quilt a long happening right now on Instagram and it's hard not to join in on the fun.

If you don't have Instagram you can see everyone's quilt progress here.


A warning I haven't used my good camera in a while so went a  little overboard on photos. I really missed my good camera!




I chose Folk Art Holiday by Gina Martin for numerous reasons.

1. I've had these since May and no ones touched them

2. I haven't seen any projects from Folk Art Holiday online and it needed some love.

3. It's almost Christmas!

4. I love it. Scandinavian prints get me every time.





It's a quick easy quilt and the throw size just needs one jelly roll and a background fabric.
I'll be honest I haven't finished it yet but it's CLOSE!

I finished the A blocks but am still working on the B ones.


This is the B block assembly. I should have organized them so I could chain piece but instead I stacked them all up in order and now it's too late.




Look at those cute little pigeon/chicken things! They are adorable!



We will be carrying the pattern soon but you can get the PDF version of the Shortcake Quilt from Allison's site here.

If you have, or plan to get the  pattern and need a jelly roll we are having a jelly roll special!

$26.50 per in stock roll!  :)

CLICK HERE to view what is left in stock.

I'll share a picture when mines finished. I sort of have 6 different quilts going on right now. My WIP's have started to get out of control......

How many projects are you working on now?




Jelly Roll Jam II Quilt

First of all Happy Labor Day!
I've made the best of this long weekend and busted out two quilts! Well, one completed one which I'll blog about later on and then a quilt top, this one, the Jelly Roll Jam II!

Fat Quarter Shop has a wonderful video and FREE pattern of this fun little quilt. The hardest part will be choosing the jelly roll.

I decided on Pedal Pushers by Lauren and Jessi Jung. I love their fabric lines and thought the navy in it would really make it pop. Also the fact that I ordered a TON of jelly rolls of this collection and needed to clear some room (that was my excuse to my husband anyway who hates when I use our shop fabric). :)

Yummm navy....

I don't know about you but I really enjoy the experience of unrolling one of these. I have to order fabric so many months ahead I forget what they look like by the time they arrive.

This quilt was very quick to make. Maybe a few hours? It's hard to tell because I get interrupted so much but it really didn't take long at all. If you don't have a little person to give this to you may as well get 2 jelly rolls because this is the small one and only covers up Emma who is 18 months old.


I definitely plan on making a larger version someday for myself when I find the right fabric collection.
I'll be doing a jelly roll post (or series) soon with all the tutorials and books using 2.5 inch strips that I know of. I use this precut a lot and often get the comment on Instagram or FB of people not knowing what to do with them. I have a lot of books but not a lot of online patterns or free tutorials so if anyone knows any please let me know so I can add to my list.
Thanks for visiting :)

Have a great week!


Paint Party!

Hi! Welcome to my stop on Carrie's Paint Party!

I absolutely love Carrie's Collage collection but I think Paint may top it!
Especially the paint swatch print. I have so many ideas and plans for it.

I posted a little about what I was working on a few weeks ago and am happy to be able to share the whole thing now!

My part of the lookbook was to create a mini art quilt/prayer flag and I immediately thought of houses. Partly because I have been on a patchwork house kick and the other part because of the adorable bookmark she sent. I think I am going to recreate that bookmark in fabric and hang it on my wall. Love it!

The house was fun to sew but took up too much of my time since I didn't use a pattern. That left me with basically half of a day to do the rest!


I did manage to complete it and get it out in time. Of course now that it's gone there is a million other things I wish I would have done around the house instead.


 As a bonus because I wasn't ready to put the Paint fabric away I created a little quilted bag.

I used the quilt as you go method and love how it came out. 

Really this is a perfect collection for a variety of projects. I've seen so many different ideas made with Paint and love them all. From quilts to pencil holders.

Check out the Paint LOOKBOOK and make sure and visit the other party stops to win a Paint charm pack! :)

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